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We're Andres and Megan.

There are real people behind this website, social media accounts, podcasts, and courses. We believe that collaboration is the quickest and best way to find success in the mortgage and real estate industry.

By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we offer you the keys to success that we've already discovered. We want to help you make better decisions and ultimately reach your goals faster. There are no shortcuts to success, but with Co/LAB, you have a guide to help you improve 1% each day. Are you ready to learn, work, and prioritize your success? We know you can do it!


The Only Course Created For Real Estate Brokerages and Loans Officers Who Want To Operate Their Own Mortgage Business.

Discover the secrets to launching your own mortgage brokerage with this comprehensive online course! Megan Marsh and Andres Munar, you'll learn the essential business and mortgage broker fundamentals required to establish a successful independent mortgage company in today's market.

Ken Travis, Porch Light Mortgage

"I've been wanting to leave retail for a while now. I finally did it when I learned about Mortgage Broker Fast Track. It's amazing. My only regret is that I didn't get it sooner."

Revolutionizing Financial Freedom in Real Estate

A Truly Unique Approach For Real Estate Professionals.

The Co/LAB Life and experience a revolutionary approach to financial freedom within the Real Estate Industry. Our mission is to empower hardworking professionals by providing them with the tools and resources they need to create multiple streams of income without sacrificing their lifestyle and goals.

Our comprehensive education and training programs empower realtors and loan officers to create multiple streams of income, providing them with long-term security for their future. Let us guide you through the process and help you turn your hard work today into a successful and fulfilling career tomorrow.


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